I think I've done pretty well this previous quarter. I think I need to organize my science papers a bit better though. I really liked learning about water pollution and water sheds. that was really pretty interesting. I hope to learn more about matter and laws of motion in the quarter 2.

Quarter 2
I think that I did really wello in science this quarter. I think I should work more on my team skills.
I sometimes have trouble working with people on big stressful projects. I liked learning about ecosystems.
I would really like to learn about physics.

Quarter 3
I think that I am doing great in this quarter so far. I really enjoyed doing the cheesepuff
burning project. it was fun and it was cool how it taught about how we absorb energy.I also loved
the stop motion animations project.
I think I am getting better, but that I still need to work on my teamwork skills.

Animation Project: