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Witch and Wizard
James Patterson

I really did not enjoy this book. see summary for details.

Summary and Review

Witch and Wizard is about Wit and Wisty. They wake up one day and find that by some poorly explained means, the U.S. has been taken over by a new political party led by "the One Who is the One". Somehow this political party has been voted into office and taken over all of the U.S. in the span of roughly twenty four hours. Anyway, Wit and Wisty are convicted of being a wizard and witch respectively and sent of to a stereotypical bad guy prison. They soon then find out that Wit's girlfriend is dead, only not. So then Ghost Girlfriend breaks them out of prison through a magic portal into another world and they are accompanied by a talking weasel. Also Wisty learns to set herself on fire. I'm not joking, that's the actual first half of the book. After going through a smoggy-vapory Limbo of sorts, they are in another world where apparently a war is being waged by the New Order on a group of teenage fighters. I not going to say any more than that, because that would "ruin" the book for you. Not That the book needs my help with that.

Now for the Review.

Okay.....Where to start......I guess at the beginning. First off, one major plot hole I see is that it is never really explained how this New Order came into power. They were supposedly voted in a day or two before the book starts, and yet they seem to have discovered an alternate dimension, set up multiple prisons, and banned creative pursuits in those 2 days. I also think the book would have been much better if they had showed a bit more of the other worlds. thay really just rushed through them and you don't really get any sense of place. It was confusing at times how the viewpoint would switch from with no pattern, partially due to the fact that they are both so similarly boring. I also think they should have explored the civilian side of the story a little bit more. How was the New Order voted into power? Was there a public outcry? What is life like under the New Order rule? Now, in fairness, these might be explored in the next book. But on it's own this is nothing more than simple, Mindless entertainment. It's the reading equivalent of Reality TV.


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