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A producer is a organisim that creates it's own food.
  • Producers are organisims that capture energy and store it in themselves as food energy. These organisms use

A consumer is an organism that gains energy by eating other living organisms.
A consumer can be an herbivore, or a omnivore. Such as crows, bear, and most humans there usally omnivore.
  • Consumers are organisims that gain energy for themselves by eating other organisims through
a process called predetation. Common examples of consumers are birds, foxes, wolves, bears ect.
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The energy for an ecosystem enters the ecosystem as Sunlight energy. It is then converted into food by producers. Then the first level consumers come and eat the plants. They then absorb 10% of the energy before being eaten by the second level consumers who then only absorb 10% of that energy. So by the time that the second level consumer has eaten, he has only recieved 1% of the energy from the producer.
- Producers are organisms that capture sunlight energy and store it as food. They then use the sun's energy to turn water and CO2 into food molecules by using photosynthisis. This is how producers make their own food. Producers are the source of food in all ecosystems.
One example of a producer is a plant.

A Decomeposer brakes down waste and dead organisms and give back materials to an ecosystem.
Decomposers are usally mushrooms and bacteria.
  • Decomposer is an organisim that breaks down waste and dead organisims and returns the raw stuff to the environment for other organisims. Common examples of decomposers are mushrooms and bacteria.
One example of a decomposer is a mushroom.

PPT on consumers, producers, decomposers.
It's really informative!

The smallest level of oganization is the organism. The largest is the entire ecosystem. For exmple Prairie Dogs.

Organism: Prairie dog
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Population: Prairie Dog Town

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Community: All the living and nonliving thing that interact on the prairie.

external image stock-vector-prairie-animals-including-crow-rabbit-raccoon-rattle-snake-field-mouse-and-fox-each-animal-on-27623128.jpg And a ecosystem living together.