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1. Classify producers, consumers and decomposers - Leora, Matt Ja., Nick P., Grace, Ryan, Sam

2.Describe competition, parasitism, symbiosis, predator/prey relations, mutualism - Isabel, Jack L., Aliya, Andrew, Matt Jo., Anna

3. Predict and describe how changes in one population might affect other populations based upon their relationships in the food web. - Sheila, Jack G., Ashley, Joey K., Giuliana, Josh

4. Identify the living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic) components of an ecosystem. - Makayla, Zach, Ben H., Lara, Nolan, Luke

5. Identify the factors in an ecosystem that influence changes in population size. - Abby, Stepan, Maria, Ari, Rhys, Dan

6. Describe how human beings are part of the ecosystem of the Earth and that human activity can purposefully, or accidentally, alter the balance in ecosystems. Kyle, Sean, Glennie, Lisa, Lee, Morgan

7. Predict and describe possible consequences of overpopulation of organisms, including humans, (for example: species extinction, resource depletion, climate change, pollution). - Leo, Griffen, Tommy, Tess, Carson, Zoe

8.Explain how behavioral and physical characteristics (adaptation, instinct, learning, habit) of animals help them to survive in their environment. - Claire, Nick C., Emma, Hannah, Max, Pieter

9.Explain how environmental changes and catastrophic events (for example: volcanic eruption, floods, asteroid impact, tsunami) to species extinctions. - Joey L., Ryan, Natalie, Jordyn, Jake, Kenzy

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Relationships among Populations
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Symbiotic Relationships
Symbiotic Relationships

Population Size
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Limiting Factors

Food Chains & Food Webs
Build a food chain
Food Chain Definitions & Games
Create a food web
Food chain Brianpop video

What is an ecosystem?
Ecosystem games, pictures, movies
Ecosystems & Biomes
What is an ecosystem Brainpop video

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