Organism: A living thing For example bacteria is a organism.
Population: One tpe of orgnaism For example a group of lizzards.
Community: A group of organisms that live in the same place For example foxes and owls living in the same habitat.
Ecosystem: A community of orgnaisms that live in a paticular area with biotic and abiotic animals For example a fish and rocks living together.
Habitat: A home ( where something lives) For example a coral reaf is a habitat for a clown fish.

Biotic Factor (Living):
  • An orgnism that comes together with living and non-living parts in its own habitat.
  • Biotic factors are all the living parts of a habitat.
  • Grass and plants that give seeds and berries to organisms are biotic factors.
  • Predators of a prey are biotic factors, they also could be biotic factors underground.
  • Examples of biotic factors are hawks, badgers, eagles, worms, fungi, and bacteria.
A platypus is an biotic factor.

external image TAMIR.JPG
This is living (sloth) so it is a biotic factor.

A plant is a biotic factor.

external image GeneralBacteria.jpg
Bacteria is a biotic factor.

Abiotic Factor (Non-living):
  • An Abiotic factor is non-living such as oxygen,sunlight, soil, tempature, water and rocks.
  • Abiotic factors are all non-living parts of the habitat.
  • Abiotic is something that was never living like oxygen.
  • Prey of predators and Abiotic because abiotic is non-living so when the predator eats the pray, the pray is not living anymore.
  • Some people get Biotic and Abiotic mixed up but biotic has to be living and Abiotic has to be non-living.
  • Water is required for every living thing.
  • Another abiotic factor is sunlight.
  • All living things require oxegen.
  • A type of organsim may depends on teperture
  • Soil is a another type of a abiotic factor.
Rocks are an abiotic factor.
A picture of the sun is an abotic factor. 
external image ocean-picture-480.jpg
The ocean is an abiotic factor.


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