Andrew, Lara, Kenzy & Sam

We are the 'Narwhal-ferret-horses-of-snow'.

This is our team photo.

Team Mascot:

Facts: Milkweed Bugs
Milkweed bugs are insects
They are true bugs
Milkweed bugs us their probuscus to drink the nutrients from they're food
Our milkweed bugs eat sunflower seeds

Their habitats are in plastic bags
They have cotten to play and lay eggs in
They have a climbing structure (twigs)
They have a water dispenser
They have food nets with sunflower seeds


they are not mating, however two are close to eachother. they seem to be exploring their eviorment.
I have not seem them eating or drinking but they probably are.
they have not shedded. two are very close together but are not mating as far as I can tell. one is drinking from
the drinking fountain device.
One has molted and grown wings. One of the molts are hanging on
one of the pieces of cotton.
We found out that there are two males, and one female. We counted three molts so far.
One of them is eating, one is drinking and one is balancing on a twig.

All 3 milkweed bugs are still alive. No sign of babies yet, no any eggs.
We are up to 5 molts.Two are playing in the cotten, and one is eating

Aquarian Observation

Both of the guppies are dead. Kenzy stabed one. NO eggs as far as we can see.
No babie guppies. Don't think we're going to get any. Even though we're talking
negitive, it is an impossability we're going to get some.

We have 1 new molt. No sign of any babies, nor eggs yet.
2 are climbing on the side of the plastic bag, and 1 is
clinging onto a twig for dear life.

We have eggs! There are 3 clutches. we're insainly excited. We can't wait until they hatch.
They are tiny, orange, and layed in the cotten. Two are mating again.

No sign of babies yet. The eggs are still there. Our milkweed bugs are still mating. No new
molts either.

We have one baby. no others yet.

We have tons at the bottom, we are so excited!!

Team Rules:

1. listen to all ideas
3.divide work evenly your part
5.include everyone