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Quarter 1


I learned how to do these kind of problems:

(-2) to the negative 3 power.

I think that I did an okay job this past quarter. I think I could have an should have done better. I think I need to continue to focusing on taking good notes and studying. I think I should also work on checking over my work when I' finished with a test.

Quarter 2

One thing I've learned this quarter:

I learned about translations, rotations, dilations, etc.

here is a game relating to this:
and another:
I think I did a good to great job in math this quarter. I also think I have gotten a lot better at studying but that I should continue to work on that.
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Quarter 3
I think I did really well in the third quarter. I liked the probability work. I hated simulation though. seriously.
I think I have gotten a lot better at my studying skills which was one of my goals. I think I need to
work on finding a new notebook since mine is full.