All About Me:

´╗┐Hey my name is Grace and I am so psyched for you to read my Digital Backpack!

What I like to do:

~Play Volleyball
~Play Tug O' War with my dogs
~Play Twister with my friends

My name is Grace K. and I have 2 dogs Charlie and Duke. I have 2 brothers Jack and Gabriel.
I recently went to Freeport, Bahamas. I have a total of 5 people in my family. I love to Travel
I love watching sports with my Dad. Michigan State (The Best) I love Gymnastics, swimming
play soccer, water polo, foot ball, hockey and basketball.

All the places I visited!

~Torch Lake
~Pictured Rocks
~Grand Canyon
~Upper Peninsula
~Lower Peninsula

Where I wish to go:

~South Carolina
~North Carolina
~Yosemite National Park
~Sleeping Bear Dunes