Lesson 10.8

Fundamental counting principal-If there are m ways to choose a first item and n ways to choose a second item after the first has been chosen, then there are m*n ways to choose all items.
Tree diagram- A picture that repersents all possible outcomes.

external image basic-tree.jpg
Counting principal-If one group contains m objects and a second group contains n objects, and the groups have no objects in common, then there are m+n total objects to choose from´╗┐
EX.Liscense plates are being produced that have a single letter followed by 3 digits?-find the number of possible plates.work- 26*10*10 *10=26000possible plates-find the probability of having letter Qwork- 1*10*10*10=1000/26000=1/26= chance that-find the probability of not containing a 3.work-26* 9 *9*9=18954/26000=0.729=73% YOu have a photo that you want to want to mat and frame. You can choose from a blue, purple, or green mat and a medal or wood framedescribe all the ways you could frame this photo with one mat and one frame? blue purple green I I I I I Imatal wood metal wood metal wood The table shows the item available at a farm stand how many items do you get to choose from?
red delicious
gold delicious
yellow bartlett
red barrlett